International Leasing

Seaco began leasing containers in the 1960’s and is now one of the world’s leading international container lessors. Seaco offers both Operating Lease and Finance lease solutions for short and long term durations including sale and leaseback.
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Key benefits of leasing

  • Leasing is unsecured and convenient
    • Leasing frees up capital and provides a competitive alternative means of funding without the need for additional security
  • Outsource lifecycle management
    • A purchase option can be offered upon completion of the lease, on- or off-balance sheet
  • Better working capital management
    • No need to maintain container assets on the balance sheet under an Operating Lease
  • Flexibility - upgrades, duration, Master Lease
    • Flexibility of hiring containers for any length of time and with extensive choice of on-hire and off-hire locations.

Why choose Seaco?

  • Over 50 years of container leasing experience
  • A reputation for knowledge, manufacturing quality and innovation
  • Diversified container fleet of approximately 2.4 million TEU
  • 220 dedicated people across 23 sales & support offices worldwide offering unparalleled customer service and technical support
  • Equipment for leasing and sale to over 750 customers, worldwide
  • Independent depot network in more than 175 port locations, across 50 countries
  • Our unparalleled customer service and technical support

Other Services

Other services include Sale and Leaseback whereby Seaco purchases an existing container fleet from the owner-user and then leases the containers back. This provides capital to the owning company along with the benefits of Seaco’s value add service for the ongoing lease.

We also offer Seacover which is Seaco’s Damage Protection Plan (DPP), enabling customers to manage the cost of repairing damage to the container at off-hire.

​Please refer to Seaco's international leasing terms and conditions that can be downloaded further down.​

Domestic Leasing

Seaco owns domestic leasing businesses in Germany.

Our German domestic business is one of the largest suppliers of Swapbody containers in the market.  The containers are specially produced for use on German and Continental European roads.
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Containers are available for short term, long term and finance lease, and also straight sale.

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