Technical M&R Operations Manager

Location: Sydney
Maintaining repair quality standards through provision of technical support and training to vendors such as 3rd party inspectors and depots on all equipment types. To provide technical support and training to customers as required. Resolution of technical disputes with vendors and customers.

Key Tasks and Activities:

  • Evaluation and measurement of the M&R cycle, Repair trends, Inventory and related costs against set KPIs and management of exceptional depot situations such as congestion, labour force changes and sudden equipment demands. 
  • Ensure costs efficiency of depot related activities such as the storage, handling and repair costs while maintaining optimal inventory levels. 
  • Vendor and customer management through building and maintaining good working relationships by:
    • Provision of training to vendors such as depots and appointed 3rd party inspection companies on Seaco's inspection, repair and other technical criteria and to ensure that vendors are up to date on the repair criteria and that priority is given to address Seaco's equipment activities at all time; 
    • Provision of technical support and assistance for all matters relating to operational and technical issues;
    • Evaluate and follow-up on technical disputes with 3rd party inspectors /customers /Key Account Managers pertaining to repair tariff, repairs and cost allocations at off-hire of equipment and ensure satisfactory settlement of disputed costs through timely arrangement of joint surveys and full justification of cost and repairs with proper documentary supports.
    • Evaluate and follow-up with depots on customers requirement, setting repair priorities in accordance to equipment booking requirements and ensure that suitable inventory levels are maintained to meet leasing requirements; 
  • Manage the depot audits, stock audits and in fleet inspection programs through scheduled 3rd party audits or planned or impromptu inspections during travel visits to ensure depots and equipment perform in accordance to Seaco's technical criteria and specification. M&R irregularities, container defects and quality issues raised by customers, depots and inspector’s quality issues, use of defective materials to be reported and followed up with respective department to address non-conformities and warranty claims. 
  • Ensure that the operation of Seaco’s equipment is in accordance to local and international customs and regulatory requirements and work together with regional and corporate Operations teams to develop and implement new processes, procedures and policies for the overall M&R programme.
  • Provide depot related assistance as follows:
    • Provide technical assistance as required by other domicile Seaco staff including Marketing Managers and Product Group Managers
    • Support depot with SAP and EDI implementation, training and resolving issues as required.
    • Validate all relevant manual invoices as required. 
  • All responsibilities are to be carried out in association with and support of the local Regional Customer Service Operations team and in close cooperation with the cross functional departments and colleagues to implement acceptable repair processes, technical bulletins, guidelines, standards, tariff, and criteria.
  • Travel as required within and outside of designated region and undertake tasks work as requested
  • Customer technical support and training as required including visiting and maintaining appropriate working relations

For more information on this role or to apply, please send a CV and covering letter to:

Abbey Steadman

Abbey Steadman

Regional Vice President Customer Service Operations - Oceania

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