Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Responsibilities

We see it as our responsibility to give something back to worthwhile causes around the world. This approach allows our employees to draw on different experiences, whilst benefiting a wide range of communities. This creates a pride within the organisation through working on charitable and socially beneficial projects.

Proud supporter of 

Stephan Richter, General Manager Domestic
I'm glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this important project. An unforgettable experience!


The shared values of the staff, management and shareholders of the Seaco Group of Companies recognise our wider responsibilities to the community and the environment.  The Purposes of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy are:

  • To promote activities which benefit the wider community and improve society.
  • To foster within Seaco mutual trust, communication and shared purpose.
  • To demonstrate through deeds, our commitment to ethical conduct.

What Our Employees Say

A great privilege to have served two CSR projects. A humbling and soul enriching experience alongside the teams which brought about improvements to the lives of individuals and the community.

Carolyne Wallmark

Regional Operations Director Asia

By working side by side with the Vietnamese townspeople and children one begins to value the importance of personal interaction by helping to re-build impoverished regions around the world.

Sebastian Sora

Sales & Marketing Director Americas

I'm glad to have had the opportunity participating in this important project- an unforgettable experience in a remarkable country and an overwhelming environment.

Stephan Richter

General Manager Domestic